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Imagine this … the alarm goes off and you’re instantly awake and feeling energized and refreshed. You look over to your partner and they nod … it’s time for a quickie to start the day off before your usual routine. You text each other from time to time during the day and the teasing starts. You describe what you want to do to them or have them do to you. You get home, greet each other with a long, luxurious kiss and get on with the evening. You talk about your days and if there are any issues, you talk about them rather than avoiding. At the end of the night you curl up in bed together, kissing, caressing and playing, whatever that looks like to you. It could be soft and romantic or energetic and full on BDSM; it changes depending on the mood you’re both in. You fall asleep together, knowing that you are connected, communicative and excited to spend time together.
I help men, women and couples create more passion, confidence and vitality in the bedroom by improving their intimacy and connection with each other. YES! It really is possible to enjoy the type of fun, passionate, pleasurable and fulfilling sex life you always envisioned! Get started by booking your free, no obligation call with me and let’s talk.

For Couples


When your sex life is more obligation or routine rather than fun and exciting click below to learn how to change that

For Her


If you’re dealing with hormonal changes, lost your interest in sex or have given up on getting your libido back, click below.

For Him


Struggling with your libido or erections that are not as strong or as long-lasting as you’d like? Learn about solutions here.

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Sandy O’Shea is a sex and hormone specialist who provides men, women and couples with supportive programs to reignite their passion and their sex lives using a healthy, holistic approach.

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