Turning the Big 5-0

So what does 50 mean to me?  Endless possibilities.  I encourage you … no matter your age … to pursue your dreams, no matter how lofty they might be.  If you shoot for the moon and land in the stars … life is still going to be pretty awesome.

My birth certificate says I’m 50.  My mind tells me I’m only 30.  How am I different from when I was 30 the first time?  I’m a little wiser.  A lot less concerned about what others think.  Definitely healthier.  Happier.  More content with life.  More ambitious.

What’s important to me now?  Helping others improve their lives.  Love.  Happiness.  Friends.  Family.  Community.

Life is far too short to waste our talents.  And far too long to be unhappy.  I’ve always said … if you don’t like something about your life … change it.  Much easier said than done I know.  And even though I used to preach it … I still needed to be reminded of that a few years ago.  So I started with my attitude.  I decided to not let other people bring me down.   And then I took control of my life and started to eat better, work out more, express more gratitude.  And I went back to school at 47 and started a new career shortly before turning 50.

What do I wish for you regardless of your age?  I wish you peace, health and happiness.  I wish for you the strength to pursue your dreams and your goals.  And I wish the very best that life has to offer you.

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