This one is for the guys … but ladies I’m not excluding you :)

As with many new businesses, sometimes things change. That is what has happened at Stepping Stones Wellness (SSW) and I’m so excited to share some of the changes coming down the pipe.

When I first decided to focus on sex and hormones, everything was geared towards women. But the longer I was doing this, the more I kept thinking “but what do MEN do when their libido is low or their equipment isn’t working like it used to?” “Where do men go?” Why should I exclude them? Chances are pretty good that a lot of the women who are reading my material have a male partner. What if the woman has a high sex drive and the man doesn’t? Shouldn’t I include our men in this endeavor too?

Here’s the thing. Men have the same hormones as women do, just differing amounts of the sex hormones. A sluggish thyroid, off the charts insulin or out of control cortisol can all affect a man’s sex drive and performance too. Men can experience estrogen dominance, just as a woman can. That’s because of the xenoestrogens that are in conventionally grown meat and dairy, plastics, dryer sheets, soy protein and soy protein isolate, tap water, artificial food additives including artificial sweeteners and MSG just to name a few.

Low testosterone is not the only reason for lack of libido in men. Check here for an article I did a while ago on Erectile Dysfunction. Did you know that ED can be any type of dysfunction, whether it’s difficulty getting hard, staying hard, endurance, premature or delayed ejaculation? Sometimes ED is a signal that there’s a physical problem such as heart, circulation, diabetes or thyroid so please, if it’s not an emotional reason that you can put your finger on, get some blood work done and give me a call.

One of my missions is to bring sex out of the closet and make it more acceptable to talk about. Women are usually pretty open about lack of interest or pain or not feeling well. Men on the other hand … they’ve been a sold a bill of goods. They’ve been led to believe that if their libido isn’t strong and they have any issues with performance, then there’s something wrong with them. HOGWASH!! There’s so much going on these days it’s no wonder men and women are having challenges. Sometimes it’s not an issue of not wanting to have sex, but rather having the energy to do it.

So men … I hope you’ll join me on this journey and never hesitate to reach out to me at if you need help or if you feel your partner needs some guidance. And ladies … I know you’ll contact me if you need me, but please encourage your men to reach out for help if they need it.

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Have an awesome week and I’m so excited to include the men on this journey!

Sandy O’Shea, CNP
Sex and Hormone Nutritionist

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