Transitioning from 2019 to 2020

First of all, I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season, whatever you might celebrate and a very Happy New Year to you!

I’ve read a lot of “reflection” posts on social media. Some people had a difficult year filled with challenges and growth and learning experiences. Others had an amazing year filled with happy, positive, uplifting experiences. Mine fell somewhere in between.

I had such high hopes for 2019 since 2018 was a very challenging year. We had struggled financially as I was building my business, working part time at a health store and trying to stay afloat. On a positive note, things started to turn around in 2018 and my business was finally getting some traction.

Then on the last Sunday in February, I noticed I couldn’t see well out of my left eye. I was mostly blind in that eye but I was pushing so hard, I didn’t want to take the time to get it looked at. My gut knew what was going on but my brain was too engaged with keeping the momentum going with the business and with life. I even drove at night on the Tuesday … I had a workshop to conduct … I couldn’t just cancel last minute. And I had an appointment to see my optometrist the next day. Well, during the last, horrible storm of the season, I made my way to said optometrist only to be told I had (as my gut knew) a detached retina. That was the beginning of a brutal 6 months filled with doctors appointments, trips downtown Toronto (thankfully I live in a suburb), drops (OMG the drops), laser treatments, 2 bubble treatments PLUS a surgery.

Needless to say, the retinal detachment was the biggest factor in my life for a good portion of 2019. Even now, I don’t have complete, undistorted vision, but it doesn’t slow me down much except I avoid driving at night. Otherwise, it’s back to life as normal.

It took me a long time to get back to writing which is why you haven’t seen a lot of blog posts from me this year (other than sharing previously written articles). It took me 6 months before I could write. That was a mental and emotional thing, not a physical thing. My life coach Meredith Roberts was (inadvertently) instrumental in getting past that block.

I’ve made a lot of changes to my business, had a number of speaking engagements this past year, starting with one about 10 days after the detachment (that was crazy) and ending with my appearance at MARSTalk … probably my best speech yet. It made me realize that my story does inspire and it lets people know that if I can get my life back on track, so can they. I also learned that I speak very differently (and much better) when I’ve internalized my speech instead of speaking strictly from the heart. I published my first book “Let’s Talk about Sex with Sandy” at Christmas, 2018 and I’m working on my next book “From Invisible to Technicolour” due out in September, 2020. What started out being a frustrating year has finished on a high note with many amazing things to come.

I decided to separate my two business loves. On the one hand, there’s the hormonal imbalance issue. Then there’s the sex thing. I always saw them as two sides to the same coin. Well … after much “encouragement”, I’ve decided to separate them.

Stepping Stones Wellness (SSW) will remain all about health, hormonal balance, libido issues and essential oils. I’ll be teaching more about how hormonal imbalance affects different areas of your life, various essential oils and how they can help improve your health and wellness and what supplements and vitamins I recommend for various issues. Stress management is a huge issue and I’ll be talking about ways to improve that. There’s even another workshop coming up this year on this topic. Sleep is another huge topic that affects your hormones and your health. I’ll start sharing recipes again … woo hoo!

Let’s Talk about Sex with Sandy (LTASWS) will be all about sex, toys and CBD products. A new website is in the works which will be a combination of blog articles, information about various aspects of sex, along with the toys and CBD products that I carry. Eventually you’ll be able to order online but I want to get the information to you as soon as possible so you’ll still have to contact me to purchase your toys and CBD products for the time being. Because I feel the need to push things (I always have to some extent), I’ll be starting a new YouTube Channel for LTASWS where my show will be posted. I’ve run into a number of women who admit they don’t know how some toys work. So … I’m going to start posting videos demonstrating how to use said toys. Now don’t go getting too excited … I’ll be using a Fleshlight (male masturbator) or something like it to demonstrate the toys meant for women, and a dildo for the toys for men.

Does this separation mean that there is no overlap? Of course not. If it’s appropriate I’ll share the social media content on both platforms. Here’s why I’m separating my business. Not everyone who has hormonal issues wants to be exposed to more explicit sexual content. Funny enough, any time I post about anal sex, masturbation or orgasms, they get the most engagement. Go figure. Anyway, I wanted to make more people (mostly women) comfortable with coming to SSW and not worry about sex toys, anal sex and the like. And for those who are more interested in the sexual health and wellness info, and some of the more risqué topics, who may not care so much about the hormonal issues, they have a place to come to that’s more targeted.

Win-win for everyone. Does that mean more work for me? Absolutely. Are you worth it? Damned straight you are.

If you’re on social media, you can find me at and There are also two separate groups … and I’m on Instagram at and

If you’d like to join my newsletter list, you can sign up at As soon as the LTASWS website is up and running, I’ll send out an offer for that newsletter as well.

Tons of stuff coming up for 2020 … way beyond what I would have ever thought. I can’t wait to share with you!

I’m also on a journey to reclaim my health and fitness. My word for this year is Transformation … and oh boy this is going to affect so many areas of my life. I will get back to where I look and feel my best, I’m strong, fit and flexible. I can’t wait for you to join me on my journey.

Lastly, I want to thank you for your support. For showing up, being present, following me, encouraging me to keep going. I look forward to serving you much better in the coming years.

With much love,


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