Invisibility or technicolour?

We have become such a society of being politically correct, judged and judgemental, that people are struggling to be their authentic selves.  They base so many decisions on “what would the neighbours think” mentality.  Where has that really gotten us?  Too many people are hiding who they truly are and robbing the world of their beauty.


From People Pleaser to Authentic Self

I’m a bit of a rebel … after all, I am an Aquarius. 🙂  I believe in authenticity above all else.  My attitude (and that of most of the people who are still in my life) is “this is me …  like me or leave me”.  You see, I spent most of my life being a people pleaser … concerned about what others thought of me, and whether I was being “appropriate” or “acceptable”.  I was programmed well by my mother, my bosses, the media, etc.  It took me until my mid-40’s before I started to explore who I really was at my core.

I struggled for years with my identity.  I would rebel periodically with how I dressed, who I hung out with, what I did with my time.  Somehow I got reigned back in to being a “good girl”; well … most of the time.

When I started on my journey of self discovery and self love, I started to realize what an injustice I was doing to myself and to those around me.  I needed to be my true, authentic self.  Sometimes that makes people uncomfortable.  I’ll be honest … it made me uncomfortable for quite a while too.  But I’ve learned that when we are our true selves, some people adapt, some leave and new people are attracted into your world; what a joy that is!

Sex is Sacred, not Taboo

I help people with their sex lives and I’m totally comfortable talking about it but it makes a lot of people squirm in their seats.  Sex is still such a taboo subject for so many and my mission is to normalize talking about sex, our bodies and our struggles and concerns.  When I tell people I’m a sex & hormone specialist, I tend to get one response from men and two from women.  Of course the guys think it’s awesome and want to know more.  A lot of women think it’s awesome and recognize the need for my services; other women not so much.  And they’re generally the ones who need me most.  They’re generally the women who have lost interest in sex and think they’re “past all that”.  We should never lose our love of sex. There are so many health benefits to sex, even as we get older.    Even if we’re on our own, the physical and mental benefits are just as important to the single person as they are to someone who has a partner.  We might not be doing some of the sex positions we once did, but keeping everything juicy and limber is important.  And that connection to your partner becomes more and more important the older we get and the longer we’ve been together.


Taking back my Power

During the summer of 2020 I did something I never thought I’d have the nerve to do.  I did an outdoor sunrise boudoir shoot.  It was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done.  Indoor shoots are gorgeous and I’ve seen some that blow my mind.  But I’m not like most women; I’m a little shameless and a bit of an exhibitionist and I do not apologize for that.  It works for me.

The picnic bench picture featured here one was the most risqué, and most powerful of them; nothing vulgar or truly sexual about it, but the look on my face in this photo totally captured how I felt.  I felt free, I felt joyous and I felt powerful!

I had lived my life in invisibility for so long, especially as my weight climbed.  It was time to carpe diem (seize the day) big time and just let my inner light shine!  This was a huge step for me in living my life in technicolor.

We all need to step into our power, claim our sensuality and our sexuality, and live life to our fullest.

What will you do to live your technicolor life?

I can help you transform from invisible to technicolour, improve your sex life, your relationship or your hormones.  Just email me at  Let’s talk.

Stay tuned for my next upcoming book, “From Invisible to Technicolor” (memoir) coming in 2023.

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