The Giraffe has got to Go!


When my mom was 6 months pregnant with me, she won a four foot tall orange and white giraffe with a daisy in her mouth so of course she was named Daisy.  

Over the years my mom had taken Daisy to the curb only to bring her back in a few minutes later.  Even when Daisy was getting old and little unsteady on her feet, Mom couldn’t seem to get rid of her.  She couldn’t even be re-homed because you can’t very well clean a four foot giraffe.  So she stayed in our house.  She followed us from Sudbury to Garson to Owen Sound, on to London and finally to Ajax.

After my mom died, I tried to get rid of her.  She made it to the front door a couple of times then ended up back in my office.  I know it was a little strange for people to see my beautiful purple office with an Ansel Adams print, Rose on Driftwood, as a backdrop … with Daisy making her appearance.

When my husband and I decided to end our relationship, we had to sell the house.  I tried to get rid of her then and couldn’t.  Finally on the day I moved out, I put her on the curb and said my goodbyes.  Daisy had been a part of my life for 55 years …. one of my fondest memories of my mom … and I finally had the courage to say goodbye.

You see, I had decided to take with me only items that enriched my life and sadly Daisy did not do that.  She was a reminder to me of so many negatives that had followed me all my life.  So it was time to part ways.

When I moved into my apartment, I took a few things from the house but I didn’t want to carry my old life into my new one.  I wanted a fresh start.  So I started shopping.  Everything that I’ve brought into my apartment had to be something that spoke to me; something I fell in love with.  Not only did I fill my apartment with beautiful rugs, comfy, stylist furniture and deep, intense colours, I applied the same principles to my wardrobe.

What does this have to do with sex or hormones?  Nothing really but I wanted to share with you the importance of purging your life of things and even people, who don’t add value to your life.  That might sound a little harsh, and I’m not saying that you need to cut people out of your life completely, but you can love them from afar.  My sister and I no longer communicate.  We’re just not good for each other.  That was so hard to come to terms with but I truly believe we are both better off without each other actively in our lives.  I do check on her Facebook page from time to time to make sure that she’s okay and she did reach out to me when my husband and I announced our separation.  Sometimes, even family are not good for us.

Are there people or things in your life that don’t serve you?  Are you holding on to things out of habit or because they belonged to or reminds you of someone you love?  Is your home … and your life … cluttered with stuff … including clothes … that no longer fit your lifestyle?

Years ago, my husband and I watched a Clean Sweep marathon on TLC one New Year’s Day.  It was amazing!  I encourage you to take some time and remove those things that are cluttering up your life.   If there are clothes that are no longer your style or size, donate them to people who can actually use them.  If clothes are in disrepair, either have them repaired or throw them out.  And OMG please buy yourself new underwear or lingerie or socks if they’re holey or ripped.  Yes … guys I’m talking mostly to you!

I’m especially talking to those of you who are embarking on a new chapter in your life.  Whether it’s a new home, a first apartment, you’re leaving home for the first time, separating, you’ve lost your spouse or you just want to rid yourself of clutter, decluttering is an amazing way to re-energize your space.  

Removing those things from your life that weigh you down, hold you back or remind you of people or events that don’t serve you, will help you move on to the next phase of your life.  A decluttered environment can declutter your mind.

And if you’re struggling, just think of Daisy and I.  If I can do it, so can you.


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