Orgasms … so much Pleasure

Orgasms can be the source of much pleasure or much disappointment and if you’re with a partner, there can be pressure to “perform”.

We put so much pressure on ourselves sometimes to have an orgasm, that it can elude us. Sometimes our partner doesn’t know how to bring you to orgasm and we’re not sure how to explain it or we may be uncomfortable talking about it. I touch on this in my post Talk Dirty to Me and if you’re having trouble talking to your partner, I encourage you to read this or email me at

Types of Orgasms

Following is a very brief synopsis of the different types of orgasms a woman can experience. For a really interesting, in-depth series of articles I highly recommend checking out Mariah Freya, Sexual Empowerment Coach here. As she discusses, women experience different types of orgasms and if you asked 50 different women to explain their clitoral orgasm for instance, you would end up with many different descriptions. She discusses not only what she has discovered but also what science, tantric tradition and/or Taoist say about these different types of orgasms.

  • Clitoral – With over 8,000 nerve endings in the tip of the clitoris alone, it is the #1 organ for achieving orgasm. It is intense and can leave you feeling a little tired. It is also the best way to fulfill a sexual need and failure to reach orgasm after clitoral stimulation can leave you feeling very frustrated.
  • G-spot – This is the “watery one”, responsible for female ejaculation or “squirting”. The G-spot is connected to clitoral nerves, so clitoral stimulation also warms up the G-spot. The best advice I can give is to relax!! The “water” is just clear fluid, not urine so there’s no need to stress.
  • Vaginal entry – most often combined with clitoral stimulation for an intense orgasm. Not an overly common one, but possible nevertheless.
  • Anal – I know, here she goes again with anal sex. Orgasms reached during anal sex are very intense but there are rules to anal sex. Clear communication, trust, slowness, lots of lube, breathing and relaxation are critical. Follow the rules and enjoy the ride 😉
  • Multiple – this is when you are experiencing a consistent wave or orgasm after orgasm, not reaching several orgasms during the course of one session, although they are lots of fun as well.
  • Cervical- This is the point where the vagina meets the lower part of the uterus. Stimulated best with girl on top moving hips back and forth or with him entering from behind. Sometimes painful at first but if you relax into it, these orgasms can be mind blowing. They bring out whatever you’re feeling, from pain to joy. It’s possible you may even start to laugh or cry.
  • Breast – Although no other genital stimulation is necessary for a breast orgasm, vaginal stimulation makes these orgasms more likely to happen and more intense. Breast sensitivity changes during your cycle, becoming most sensitive during ovulation or during breastfeeding. Take your time and massage and stimulate your breasts on a regular basis for a more likely breast orgasm.
  • Throat – I admit, I was super skeptical about this one. Honestly didn’t think it was possible but apparently it is. Throat orgasms only happen when deep throating. It occurs deep on the backside of your air tube. It is not that odd since there is a connection between the throat and cervix by way of the vagus nerve.
  • Mind – Yes, you can think yourself into an orgasm. Some women can experience an orgasm during meditation, while sitting motionless in a yoga posture or during a process similar to self-hypnosis. Some women need only to access their subconscious mind and have sexy thoughts, while others need to combine with breathing or pelvic floor exercises.

As I noted above, this is a REALLY brief overview. Mariah does an awesome job of describing the different types of orgasms. You can find her series here.


Foods to Improve Orgasms

Since I’m a nutritionist I thought I’d give you some foods that help in the sex and orgasm department. Some of these foods apply to men and women alike.

  • Eggs – largely protein, they produce choline, which triggers nitric oxide and increases blood to both penis and vagina. They are also high in vitamins B5 and B6 which help with both stress management and hormone balancing. I recommend 2 per day … eggs that is 😉
  • Hot peppers – the hotter the better. Peppers increase metabolism and stimulate endorphins as well as get the blood flowing. Just don’t eat too many of them and wash your hands thoroughly after handling hot peppers or one of you might experience a rather unintentional heat.
  • Healthy fats such as nuts, avocados and coconut. Snack on walnuts and almonds. Cook with cold pressed oils which contain Vitamin E and help balance hormones.   Cholesterol gets a bum rap sometimes but it is actually the basis of all sex hormones. The trick is to keep your good cholesterol levels high and your bad cholesterol levels low. Salmon, berries, eggs and dark chocolate all increase levels of good cholesterol.
  • Spinach is rich in manganese which facilitates production of estrogen. It is loaded with zinc, which curbs production of the pituitary hormone prolactin, which can cause sexual dysfunction. Zinc is found in lean cuts of red meat, dark meat poultry, brown rice, seafood and crumbly cheeses.
  • Honey produces boron and other minerals, which enhance blood levels of testosterone, which is responsible for sex drive and orgasms in both men and women. Boron helps to metabolize and use estrogen, essential to keeping hormones balanced.
  • Oysters, although it might seem cliché, contain minerals which stimulate sex hormones, brain and nervous system function, especially zinc which nourishes prostate and boosts testosterone.
  • Dark Chocolate (saved the best for last for you ladies) produces phenethylanine which triggers feelings of relaxation, intoxication and pleasure. It also releases mood-boosting, stress-reducing seratonin, stimulates physical contact and lowers inhibitions. Cacao increases seratonin levels, decreases stress, increases desire and can help you reach orgasm easier by increasing blood flow to genitals.

So if you really want to start the evening off right, have a couple of oysters for an appetizer, have a small, lean steak with hot peppers, a spinach salad with eggs and a piece of dark chocolate for dessert but keep your portions small since you don’t want to cramp up during the festivities J Just make sure your windows are closed … or not 😉

I’ve got great news for you.  There are health benefits to orgasms!! To find out more, check out my post on the benefits of frequent sex.

Until next time, have an awesome week!

Sandy O’Shea
Sex & Hormone Coach

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