From Friends to Lovers – Her Story

So what is a girl to do when she is entirely smitten with a good friend and really wants to feel him inside her? She invites him for dinner of course.

She took her time getting ready, showering, making sure her hair looked especially good, applied a little makeup and her favourite fragrance. She really wanted to feel her best so she put her sexiest red lingerie on, along with a dress that hugged all her curves and showed her ample cleavage. She kept dinner simple; rib eye steak and a simple salad along with a fabulous bottle of Barolo. Bluesy jazz was playing in the background and candles cast an intimate glow.

She was so nervous because she had no idea how he felt about her. She met him at the door with a smile and a huge hug. He noticed the extra effort and responded accordingly. She could feel his interest and knew she was on the right track.

They chatted over dinner then sat down on the couch for further conversation. She poured a second glass of wine for each of them and sat beside him. She was so excited and so nervous but she was determined to see this through. She moved a little closer, putting her hand on his arm and giving him a look that let him know where she was going with this.

His response was to brush her hair away from her face, tilting her head so he could kiss her. Their lips touched, electrifying her body. She put their wine glasses on the table, hiked her dress up and straddled him. They continued kissing gently, tenderly, hesitantly at first then deepening with each kiss.

She could feel herself getting wet, her nipples erect. She wanted nothing more than to be consumed by him; she was a little nervous but forged ahead anyway. With her dress  hiked up, all that separated them was her thin panties and his dress pants and she could feel him getting harder and harder. He must have known something was afoot because he had gone commando and there was no question that he was aroused and willing.

The longer they kissed,she noticed that time seemed to stand still. Without saying a word, they agreed it was time to move somewhere they could get more comfortable. She led him into the bedroom, as they continued to kiss passionately, and before even getting to the bed, Craig slid her dress off  very slowly. Her ample breasts were barely contained in her skimpy bra and her nipples were straining the lace; she was definitely ready to take things to the next level. They continued to kiss in an urgent embrace until she couldn’t stop herself from unzipping his pants, letting his pants fall down to his ankles.

She knelt in front of him, taking the full length of his member deep into her mouth, making him gasp and moan with pleasure. His legs started to twitch and shake but she wouldn’t let up; licking his shaft, his balls and oh my … even the taint; fondling, sucking him until he exploded, filling her mouth then collapsing on the bed, totally spent. She swallowed his cum, licked her lips then got on the bed to kiss him deeply.


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