As Craig was slowly undressing her, Nancy couldn’t keep her mind from racing. How had she not seen this before? They had been friends for a couple of years, spent hours together and even flirted a little but she hadn’t realized the depth of his passion. As nervous and excited as she was, she was really enjoying being undressed slowly. His kisses and his touch felt like heaven. Her mind was racing, wondering what on earth did all this mean? It was her intention all along to seduce him but she didn’t expect this!

Craig wasn’t thinking about much other than how much he wanted every inch of Nancy. Kissing her lips, her neck, those beautiful breasts … nipping lightly at her nipples. A moan of delight escaped her so he continued, applying a little more pressure until she gasped with pleasure.

She couldn’t take it any more and pushed him onto his back. Straddling him, she dangled her ample breasts in front of him. He obliged, first sucking, then biting her nipples; one at a time then pressed both breasts together and took both her nipples in his mouth at once and bit harder still. She started to pant. Her pussy was getting wet and she just wanted to plunge his cock deep inside her … but not yet.

Craig had gotten hard again and Nancy could feel him getting more and more excited. She slid down his body, taking his full length deep in her throat; it was his turn to gasp. He couldn’t believe how deep she took him and how amazing it felt to be inside her mouth. She got him oh so wet then abruptly removed her mouth from his shaft and once again straddled him. She positioned herself so he could nibble on her nipples again but this time she spread her pussy lips and rested her clit on the tip of his cock, then slowly started to grind on him. They were both so turned on, so excited to finally be pursing this next level of their relationship.

The grinding become very intense; she could feel the orgasm building within her. She encouraged him to bite her nipples harder; he obliged and sent her into spasms of one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced.

She didn’t stop grinding her pussy on his cock; making sure his tip was connected with her clit … both of them now wet from her natural juices. She sat up, pulling her nipples from his mouth. He wouldn’t let up on her so he pinched her nipples hard … sending her into yet another powerful orgasm. As she continued to grind on him, he could feel his own orgasm building again. He didn’t want to blow yet … he was enjoying this way too much … but she wouldn’t stop. His legs started to shake as it intensified.

Nancy and Craig were so intimately connected, both panting as their orgasms swelled until they hit their tipping points … she covered his shaft in her juices and his load covered her pussy in his cream.

She remained straddling him for a bit as they caught their breaths. Slowly she slid off Craig and he wrapped her up in his arms. He was so blown away but what they had just experienced … and they still hadn’t had sex. He was enraptured with her beauty, her talent and her willingness to just let go. Slowly their breaths quieted; he leaned over and kissed her lips with such tenderness, she thought she would melt.

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