Sheer Pleasure

As time passed and they laying in each other’s arms, just relaxing and enjoying each other, Craig suddenly stirred. Nancy wasn’t sure what he was planning to do but figured she would simply roll with it.

He propped himself up on an elbow, looked at her with such tenderness and started to kiss her. He started with her lips, first gently, then more intensely. He pulled his lips from hers and started nibbling on her ear lobe, then running his tongue down her neck, kissing it from time to time. Nancy moaned with pleasure.

His kisses continued down her chest, and his tongue slid down her left breast, stopping at her hard, erect nipple. He took it gently in his mouth, sucking it; first gently then more intensely. He surrounded her nipple with his teeth, gently nibbling at first then applying more and more pressure. Nancy’s moaning had stopped when she gasped as he bit down. He continued biting; sometimes lightly, sometimes hard. She could feel her pussy getting wetter by the moment.

Craig changed tactics just a little, moving over to her right breast. This time there was no gentle teasing; this time his teeth clamped down on her nipple causing her to whimper. He continued biting and sucking until she thought she was going to cum and then he stopped.

He repositioned himself so his body was on top of hers. His tongue slid down her torso, leaving gentle kisses along the way. She knew where he was going and wiggled up a little to give him more room. He didn’t go right for her pussy though. His tongue continued its slide down her body to her inner thighs, alternating kissing and nipping at her flesh.

She had obviously waxed in anticipation of that night because her pussy was so smooth and inviting. He ran his tongue across her mound making her squirm. She wished he would stop with the teasing and finally bury his face between her legs. But he wasn’t done with the teasing quite yet.

He slowly pulled her pussy lips apart, revealing her swollen clit to him. He commented how pretty her pussy was. She just wanted him to devour her but he kept up the teasing, flicking his tongue across her clit; teasing her for what seemed like an eternity.

Then, without any warning, he buried his tongue in her pussy while sucking her clit, causing Nancy to gasp, moan and get even wetter than what she already was. He slowly slid a finger inside her, hitting her g-spot and sending her into waves of ecstasy. She grabbed his hair, pushing his face into her lips as she filled his mouth to overflowing with her juices, her pussy clamping down on his finger. He drank her juices and continued to suck on her clit and pulsing his finger on her g-spot, causing wave after wave of her juices to flow out of her.

He finally relented, removed his finger from her, sucked it dry and came back to her mouth, kissing her deeply and passionately, sharing her juices with her. Nancy had been so caught up in the experience, her breathing had been rapid and shallow. Now as they lay wrapped in each other’s arms, her breathing slowed and she felt an overwhelming emotion encase her. She thought “is this love or just passion?” then decided she didn’t care in that moment. She relaxed into his arms and simply enjoyed the feeling.

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