Where do we go from here?

As Nancy and Craig lay wrapped up together, their breathing slowing and their minds calming, they started to kiss ever so slowly. Their kisses remained slow and sensual, both of them basking in this emotional connection that had caught them a little off guard. Yes, they had both wanted to take things to the next level, but what did that really mean?

Nancy had jumped right into a relationship in her mind and OMG what if it didn’t work out? What did he expect from her? She wasn’t even really sure she wanted to be in a relationship. She had been free for a few years after a long term marriage. She didn’t realize at the time how much of herself she had lost in her relationship; did she really want to risk that happening again? She loved her independence, loved not having anyone to answer to and especially loved being free from monogamy. Would he even expect that? Was he thinking the same thing? She knew they’d have to have a conversation about this but for now, all she wanted to do was melt into his arms and enjoy the afterglow.

Craig was caught up in his own inner dilemma … what would she expect? How did he really feel about her? He had been involved with someone for a while and now this? Things were okay with Jill but Nancy? She light him on fire, both sexually and emotionally. Nancy is a very passionate woman and was bringing out things that Craig never thought he’d do. He had always been pretty conservative sexually Nancy made him want to try all kinds of things with her.  He cared about Jill but there were issues. Would Nancy even want a relationship with him? Did he want to leave the safety of Jill for the mystery of a relationship with Nancy. They were entirely different women and loved both of their qualities.  He felt so conflicted.

Rather than articulating what they were thinking, Nancy and Craig continued to kiss and embrace each other. They were both so caught up in the “what ifs” and “should I” and “what if the other person didn’t feel the same way”. But that night was so incredible. It was so sexy, so passionate, the orgasms mind-blowing.  Perhaps it would be better to be friends with benefits is what they were both ultimately thinking yet neither of them wanted to articulate it. Oh the benefits to this friendship they were both thinking.

Not wanting this to end but not ready to have “that” conversation, Nancy slid down his chest … all the way down to his growing erection. She swallowed him whole, causing him to gasp with pleasure. He wasn’t sure he could handle another round with her but Craig didn’t want the encounter to end either.

Her mouth felt so incredible, warm and wet, and she knew exactly how fast and deep to suck him. He thought he was going to explode again but she suddenly stopped. Moving slowly back up his body, Nancy slowly straddled him, sliding his rock hard cock deep in her very wet pussy, riding him … at first slow and sensual …. speeding things up until he took control, fucking her hard and fast until they both came hard once last time.

She lay on top of him, trying to catch her breath, kissing him gently and losing herself in his eyes. They looked at each other deeply and both said “where do we go from here …?”

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