Hi, I’m Sandy O’Shea, a holistic sexpert on a passionate mission to empower women, guiding them towards embracing their sensuality, discovering their personal strength, and connecting with their divine feminine essence. I specialize in providing unwavering support to women as they navigate hormonal changes, manage stress, and embrace their confidence and sexual empowerment. 

As a dynamic speaker, educator, and best-selling author, I fearlessly address taboo topics with an open and compassionate approach. My own journey, experiencing challenges like low libido, unbalanced hormones, high stress, and a stagnant marriage in my mid-40s, inspired me to seek transformation and move from feeling invisible to living life in vibrant technicolor. If you’re seeking to reclaim your health, enhance your sex life, or rekindle passion in your relationship, I am here to help. My warm, honest, and empowering approach will help you embrace your authentic self, regain control of your life, and cultivate the fulfilling relationships you truly desire. Let me be your trusted guide on your journey towards holistic well-being and a renewed sense of vitality.

As a child I was full of life, chatty and exuberant … like so many little girls.  My parents were 37 and 42 when I was born which, almost 60 years ago, was unusual.  My siblings were 12 and 15 when I was born and they had both moved out by the time I was 6 so I grew up as an only child.  My dad was on the road most of my life so my mom basically raised me by herself.  


Everything was great until I was about 9.  For whatever reason, my dad thought it would be a great idea to come say goodbye to me on Monday mornings when he left for the week by kissing my forehead and grabbing my breasts and giving them a little squeeze/shake.  I developed physically  really early but I was still a child and didn’t understand why he was doing this.  I never told my mom but finally asked my dad to stop and thankfully he did.


When I was 14 I asked my dad to provide his consent so I could go on the Pill … I was having sex and figured I should at least refrain from getting pregnant.  His response was “well you should have sex with me .. I can’t get you pregnant” to which I replied … “ewww .. dad .. no way” … and he dropped it.


My mom and I had a roller coaster relationship once I hit about 9.  When I was young I was her “baby doll” but when I started to develop a mind of my own (which ironically she taught me to have), she started with the controlling, manipulating, putting me down.  But then she’d be supportive and loving.  The criticism was horrible and continued until she died in 2008.   I was too fat, too thin, my hair was too long, too short, too blonde, I was too loud, too quiet.  It was always something.


Dad passed in 2001 and mom in 2008.  Thankfully I had a good marriage with a fairly supportive husband.  But by this point I had lost my voice and I felt invisible.  By 2011 I was in the worst shape and health of my life and ended up going to a massage therapist when my body locked up on me. He was also a health and life coach and he helped me change my life.  Then I started meeting all these amazing women who introduced me to my spiritual path.


In 2019 I found myself at the crossroads of my life. My marriage was good but we had been drifting further and further apart for several years.  I was no longer happy with my life and after several years of trying to get a business off the ground and getting virtually no help from him, I decided to leave.  It wasn’t just about him and our relationship … it was about ME … who I was and what I wanted.


So … January 2020 I  let him know that I was done.  He understood and we’ve maintained a good friendship. I moved from Ajax to Lindsay in May 2020 … during the first lockdown … only knowing my niece and the man I had been involved with for many years and oh baby … the growth that has ensued!  I even wrote my memoir which is available on Amazon!  The funny thing is that the most significant thing that happened to me happened after it was published so you know what that means…


I lost my apartment in early September of 2023.  For two weeks, I just wanted to walk into the water and never come out but three things kept me alive.   My kitties needed to be rehomed back to their daddy and I have too many people in my life that I love and I couldn’t do that to them and  I was put on this earth to help heal others.   So first I had to heal and although I had come a very long way in the past several years, there was still work to be done.


I had been in a relationship with a man for thirteen years.  I was so grateful to him; without him in my life I wouldn’t be who I am or doing what I do.  But it was complicated and a total roller coaster ride.  I finally ended it just before my fifty-ninth birthday, thanking him and wishing him the best, and my life has flourished!


I am a living, breathing example of how it’s possible to transition from feeling unseen, unheard … invisible … to living a full, vibrant, exciting life .. in other words … technicolour.