Are you feeling...


Disinterested in sex…Unsatisfied with your partner in and/or out of the bedroom…Brain fog…Lacking energy…Unseen…Unheard…Like you don’t belong…You care for others so much there’s nothing left for you…Tired

Wouldn't you love to...

  • Learn to take better care of yourself and prioritize your needs … not only for yourself but so you can be there for others without losing yourself or burning yourself out
  • Feel connected with your authentic self
  • Connect with ALL of your senses
  • Be your healthiest, most energetic self
  • Get in touch with your body and learn to love it
  • Discover what really satisfies you with your partner
  • Learn to enjoy sex again
  • Push your limits …get out of your comfort zone… in the bedroom and in life 
  • Improve your communication skills so you can have those difficult conversations with your partner
  • Enjoy deep connection and intimacy with your partner
  • Learn how to be heard

Explore the realm of Sexuality and Connection – Our collaborative journey focuses on fostering effective communication, enabling you to express your desires without conflict or undue pressure. Discover the art of connecting with your body and sensuality, not only for personal gratification but also to enhance mutual satisfaction with your partner. Learn the skills to gratify your partner in a manner that brings fulfillment to both of you.

Recognizing the profound impact of health and hormones on sensuality and overall well-being, I’ll guide you in adopting nourishing eating habits and engaging in physical activities for a healthier body.

If you’ve ever felt overlooked or unheard, this program empowers you to embrace your inner Queen. Learn the art of prioritizing your needs, articulating your desires, and asserting yourself to create a fulfilling connection.

My 1:1 Coaching Program

  • 12 weeks
  • 90 minute intake … info on health … physical, mental, emotional, sexual; will request specific bloodwork and a live blood cell analysis to be done
  • 60 minute call to discuss strategy … outline will be a shared document
  • Weekly calls for up to an hour … 12 weeks starts with our strategy call
  • Can be by phone or zoom (preferred) or in person if local or a combination
  • Strategy may be adjusted depending on results
  • If urgent questions, you can email me; otherwise, please make notes and we’ll discuss at next meeting

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