Get Your Mojo Back: Rediscover your inner strength, confidence and vitality. August 29th, 2023 7:00 p.m., EST

Are you grappling with challenges linked to hormonal shifts, diminished desire, or an unsatisfying intimate life? Are you overwhelmed with all the roles you play, or lost who you were? Embrace the chance to reclaim your self-confidence and your true identity by joining us on August 29th  for an illuminating webinar encounter. Take a stride toward reigniting your inner strength and embracing life on your own terms!

During my childhood, I radiated as an exuberant child who revelled in singing, dancing, and captivating others with entertainment. I basked in being the focal point of attention, however, my parents gradually silenced my enthusiasm, urging me to be quiet and stop “hogging the spotlight.” My mother’s persistent criticism left me feeling perpetually inadequate and consequently, I silenced myself and conformed to their wishes, losing sight of who I truly was.

In 2012, I reentered the world of education then embarked on a business venture, which sparked a profound spiritual awakening within me. I began healing and evolving and established a connection with my inner strength, eventually declaring “no more.”

The time had come for me to lead life on my own terms. I rekindled my self-assuredness and reconnected with my authentic self, transforming from an invisible existence to a vibrant life lived unapologetically.

My purpose is to guide other women on this transformative journey.

I invite you to join me on as we delve into:

  • The significance of living with confidence and authenticity.
  • How to transcend the tendency to prioritize others, allowing you to prioritize yourself, thereby becoming the best version of yourself—for your own sake and for others.
  • The path to metamorphosing from overwhelmed, unnoticed, and undervalued to a life lived vividly and boldly.

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