From Invisible to Technicolour-
A Memoir

Sandy always stood out. From a young age, she was labeled as “too loud,” “selfish,” and “unladylike.” She couldn’t help but feel invisible, like a vibrant painting hidden behind a dull curtain.

In her memoir, From Invisible to Technicolor, Sandy takes us along as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, sexual awakening, and empowerment. She learns that it’s not selfish to prioritize her own happiness and dreams. Through trials and tribulations, she sheds the layers of societal and familial expectations, embracing her true self with all its colors and complexities.

In a world that tried to make her invisible, Sandy becomes a beacon of individuality and strength. This is a story of resilience, self-acceptance, and the audacious pursuit of a life lived authentically, unafraid to be technicolor in a world that expects women to be quiet and invisible.

From Invisible to Techicolour-
The Journal

This Journal invites you to explore moments of self-reflection and liberation from the burdens of invisibility and overwhelm. If you’ve ever felt consumed by the myriad roles of a wife, mother, daughter, employee, business owner, and friend, neglecting your own well-being, this journal is your compass for change.


Designed for a transformative journey, this Journal encourages a shift from a life centered on catering to others and seeking external approval to prioritizing self-care. Delve into the pages to address old wounds, embrace self-care practices, and embrace the path to living a vibrant and authentic life.

When Friends Become Lovers

In the wake of two failed long-term relationships, Nancy finds herself at a crossroads, grappling with frustration and uncertainty. A serendipitous invitation to a Christmas party becomes the catalyst for change as Nancy decides to embrace the unknown, adorning herself in a stunning new outfit. At the party, she encounters John, a man whose presence captivates her from the moment they meet.

Lost Then Found

For a decade, Chris and Nancy reveled in a passionate and adventurous sexual journey, exploring new heights of intimacy and embracing the world of kink. Their relationship was a thrilling ride, with Chris consistently pushing the boundaries and supporting Nancy in all aspects of her life. Life felt like an exhilarating escapade.  Until it didn’t.


As the couple grapples with the evolution of their connection, readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, exploring the intricate dynamics of love and the transformative power of self-reflection. “Lost then Found” is a poignant tale of rediscovery, where the protagonists confront the ordinary to find the extraordinary in both their relationship and themselves

Let's Talk About Sex

“Let’s Talk” is a comprehensive guide designed for women seeking to feel energetic, sexy, balanced, and healthy. Delving into the major hormones influencing energy, libido, and overall well-being, this book provides clear explanations of hormonal dynamics. Recommendations for nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle choices empower women to balance their hormones and reclaim their vitality.

For anyone navigating the shifting dynamics of a long-term relationship, where passion may have dwindled to occasional sparks or even vanished, “Let’s Talk” provides guidance. Whether as individuals or as a couple, readers will discover actionable strategies to reignite the flames of passion and recapture the intimacy reminiscent of the early stages of their relationship.