The Purple Pages

My struggles to get here.

Have you ever felt invisible?  Have you ever questioned what your purpose is in life?

That was me in 2011. I was fat, unhealthy and miserable. One day my body locked up and off I went to a new massage therapist. It turns out he was also a health and life coach. He told me I needed to reduce my circumference (polite way of saying I was fat) and he offered to help me. That day changed my life.

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My “Secret” to Making Lasting Changes

You’ve come to see me because you’re tired of being tired and having no sex drive. We talk about all the different aspects to your life … nutrition, activity, lifestyle, relationships, self care, and so on. I’ve devised a plan to help you regain your energy, your health and your sex life, but that means there are changes you have to make.   Now what?

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My first year in business – 2017 in Review

Today is my day to review what happened in 2017 … the good, the bad and the ugly so I thought it would be the perfect day to write this post. Here’s the thing. The “bad” and the “ugly” were probably more important in shaping who I am and where my business is going than the “good” was.

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