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Testosterone and Food

Food is either the greatest medicine or the biggest contributor of disease. This is very true when it comes to testosterone (T) levels. Some foods are amazing and increase testosterone levels; others deplete levels and should be avoided.

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Testosterone – The Male Hormone

I’m sure we’re all familiar with testosterone and some of its responsibilities. In this series I’ll be talking about what it is and what it does (today’s post), what happens when things go wrong, what you can eat to boost your levels, supplements that are helpful as well as lifestyle choices to help improve testosterone levels.

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Wanted: A Good Night Sleep

Sleep issues have become so common these days. We’ve become to used to being sleep deprived, it’s our “new normal” and it really shouldn’t be.

There are so many reasons for running on too little sleep.

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I believe we are constantly changing. Does transformation mean something huge that takes place in a short period of time? Sometimes. But sometimes, transformation happens

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