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Invisibility or technicolour?

We have become such a society of being politically correct, judged and judgemental, that people are struggling to be their authentic selves.  They base so

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The Importance of Masturbation and Orgasms

Yes, you read that right. I said importance of masturbation. Why? It helps your immune system by increasing antibodies that help fight off colds, flues and infections, which is always important but absolutely critical right now in March of 2020.

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Sex & Intimacy

So what’s the big deal about sex anyway? Well, for one, you wouldn’t be here without it. Just sayin …. 😉

Humans crave personal connection and there is no better connection than an intimate, sexual one. Did you know there are actually health benefits to having sex on a regular basis? I kid you not.

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What’s your Story?

We all have a story and within that story there are so many obstacles that we have to face.  Here are some of my thoughts when it comes to life and the challenges we can encounter.

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The Importance Of Lubrication

I’ve written about this before in detail. If you’d like to learn more about the importance of lubrication and the pros and cons about the different types, just click here to be taken to a previous article.

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