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Going Greek

Some women consider this a taboo subject and not really talked about. This is not exactly normal “girls night out” conversation, at least in most

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Living out your Comfort Zone

Lately the subject of getting outside of your comfort zone has come up a LOT. What IS your comfort zone and why should you push past it? Is it a relationship, a job, a friendship, your sex life?

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This is a subject that I hadn’t really thought that much about until recently. Perhaps because I just took it for granted but there are so many people who do not.

What do I mean by acceptance? It’s multi faceted.

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Libido boosters for men

This one is for you gentlemen! Although ladies … you should know about this too since you’re more likely to get them to actually take something 😉

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I know, it’s a topic not many acknowledge, never mind talk about openly. Well, sex in general is not usually a topic of conversation around

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